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Viewing incredible game of GTA San Andreas played by a friend is probably the most frequent reasons which encourage people to download the gta san andreas into their own desktop.  Understanding more about this game will help beginners take few right actions to survive in the fight between gangs. As a matter of fact downloading of gta san andreas show you the better version of its two predecessors: GTA Vice City and GTA 3. It breaks the record as greatest game and clearly depicts situation in vivid images around 90’s when the gangs became inseparable part in street life.

Engaging this game gives you chance to play a major character of black gangster who takes a part in the crew of Grove Street. The game is situated in the fantasy state that includes three big cities: Las Vegas, San Francisco, and LA. Once you engage this game, there’s no way unless you’re immediately attracted with it. It comes with both pluses and minuses which are considered a normal thing in every presentable thing in the world.

So, when the mission begins, what every beginner should do? What’s their first attempt?

This challenge begins after the player leaves his mom’s funeral for coming to get his brothers before getting involved in the culture of gangster. Then he plans to do spray painting to the enemy’s home turf with label of his gang before finally deciding to escape on riding BMX. Of course, the scene makes the heart more beating and terrifying. The only weapon on hand is a knife which won’t powerful enough to reinforce your attempts on self defense.

When talk about the game, it’s for sure to indulge the players with a wide range of weapons available. If compared to its predecessors, downloading of gta san andreas provides more options of weapons. The weapons include heavy gun, chainsaw and so on. In fact all the weapons can be put in high function to reinforce an attempt on fighting the enemies and rescuing friends. Unfortunately this smart game isn’t complete with the accessible graphics that contain low quality. It makes the experience less fantastic. However this still can be really enjoyable with a lot of features available.

If you plan to download the gta san andreas, it will bring more pleasure if you make this amazing experience complete with its soundtrack. Additionally, the soundtrack is really easy listening. In the beginning of its release, it significantly hit the record and is mostly played in every radio station as it was captivating to the ears of audiences. The soundtracks really fit on the trend of 90’s

Well not only the story and characters in the downloading of gta san andreas who captivate the gamers but also its soundtrack. No wonder it quickly gains popularity since its first release. If you plant to engage this game, a range of websites offer complete package of the game which basically gives complete features. Just enjoy the adventure of gangster and rescue your brothers before killed by the enemy. Don’t worry! A lot of guns are available to strengthen your power.

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